Top Quality Tree ServiceThe best tree care solutions for your needs.Proud members of the arborist association

Top Quality Tree Service

Solving any problem thrown our way.

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The best tree care solutions for your needs.

At Bam’s Tree Service, we are committed to two things: keeping trees healthy and keeping customers satisfied! All of our services are designed with those two goals in mind.

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Proud members of the arborist association

Clients choose companies that employ ISA Certified Arborists for their expertise and attention to ethical conduct.

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BAM'S TREE SERVICE: Top Quality Tree Service

At Bam’s Tree Service we are Tampa Bay’s local and dependable tree removal service. Bam’s Tree Service is a family owned and operated business, fully licensed and insured, and our prices are always competitive. We have ISA Certified Arborists who can help you improve the health of your trees with appropriate tree trimming.

As a tree company we specialize in tree trimming and pruning, tree removal, shrub and hedge maintenance, and stump grinding and removal, our experts use premier tools and experience to solve any problem thrown our way. Our biggest priority is customer satisfaction, meaning that no job is complete until the customer is happy. Determined to do the job right the first time, Bam’s Tree Service is here to make your property look exactly as clean and maintained as you can imagine it. Call today for your free estimates or contact us today.